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7 Fun Facts About Christian Louboutin and His Remarkable Red-Soled Shoes

7 Fun Facts About Christian Louboutin and His Remarkable Red-Soled Shoes

Christian Louboutin is known throughout the world for his red-soled shoes, making him one of the most sought-after designers in fashion.

Fashionistas and celebrities love to pair their Louboutin red soles with the red carpet, stars from Nicole Kidman to Blake Lively to Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid to Sarah Jessica Parker…. even P Diddy Sean Combs showed up at the 2017 Met Ball showing off red-soled men shoes.

Want to know more about the luxury look? Here are 7 fun facts to know about Christian Louboutin and his growing fashion empire:

1 - France – And A Secret Affair

    Christian Louboutin was born in France in 1963.

    Growing up, he was always curious about the fact that his skin was a decidedly darker tone than that of his three sisters. In 2014 he found out why. Turns out, he is the son of an Egyptian who was having a passionate, clandestine affair with his mother.

    Interestingly, as a child, he always had a fascination with Egyptian pharaohs. 

    2 - School and Sophia Loren

      Christian Louboutin got expelled three times from school. Eventually, at age 12, he ran away and moved in with a friend.

      For a long time, being a drop-out made him anxious. Then one day, he saw a TV interview with Sophia Loren talking about her sister who also left school at age 12, but then went back later in life to get a degree at age 50. 

      When everyone in the TV studio audience burst into applause, Louboutin thought, “Well, at least if I regret it I’m going to be like the sister of Sophia Loren!” 

      3 - Designer Heels and Red Soles

        Christian Louboutin began as a shoe designer in 1982 creating heels for major luxe brands like Yves Saint Lauren and Chanel.

        He started his own designer shoe line in the ’90s, introducing the now-iconic red-soled heels in 1992. 

        4 - Inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales

        Christian Louboutin’s design inspiration for his very first pair of heels was an image of Princess Diana in front of the Taj Mahal during her 1992 tour of India. 

        He says, “I remember the picture at the time of Princess Diana and she was looking at her feet and I thought she looked so sad….It would be nice to have something to make her smile when she looked at her feet.”

        In response, he created a pair of suede flats with the word “LOVE” spelled out in his signature red hue – “LO” on the left and “VE” on the right. 

        5 - Punk Phase

          As the Christian Louboutin brand is often associated with elegance, many people are surprised to learn the designer went through a major punk phase back in the 1970s.

          He was a fixture in the Paris club scene, alongside artistic rebels like Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger.

          6 - More than Just Shoes

            When people hear “Louboutin” they immediately think of shoes, but the designer has more fashion expertise under his feet. 

            Louboutin also designs luxury handbags – which come with linings in his signature shade of red, of course. You can find some examples at Shop375.

            7 - The Biggest Louboutin Buyer in the World

              Danielle SteeleDo you know who owns more Louboutin shoes than anyone in the world?

              Danielle Steel.

              That’s right, the romance writer is said to own more than 6,000 pairs. In fact, she’s been known to purchase up to 80 pairs at a time.  

              Let us know…what’s your favorite Louboutin pair of heels?

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